BLACKSTRAT interpretation.


$BTC, m30
IF PA11 will break 26300 and erase Monday move, the probability to seek at least 25200, max full wick level as of 17.08 is bigger than break the NEW high….
PA has been rejected for the moment above 26700, but of course if we break now, we could confirm the expected Back UP2.


$USDT + $USDC DOM, m30
WE have the opposite #BLACKSTRAT signal with STABLECOINS > rejection to push lower and exit.
In additive a violent spike as of 17.08, with a pull back at 10.37%, could confirm a TPO3 made yesterday….
ANYWAY, we need to see at least 10.75% (mid range of the failed structure) to BUILD and target any LH4 for Crypto!).
A double TOP here will be the signal, Otherwise it will seek for a CHoCH5


If we zoom out the global outlook, yesterday pullback is sitting on 200.
It is so constructed now to think about any fake breakout, with a forgotten BackUP (9.85% or #BLACKSTRAT signal at 9.70%)
Conclusion : MM6 has push the level above the 200 AND the MIDRANGE …

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