27685$ ; 28300$ ; 28943$+
You choose. Either you see targets, Either you consider it as your SHORT entry. Take into consideration that you can play it before any collapse to 24636$ and more lower expectation.
The framed candle, as I consider the last reasonable target (because we could lap 29600$ easy) could be the final target before new lows….
Regarding this chart, PA1 is growing inside the local MarkUp2, with a potential deviation by the low side.

If we had some Volume Profile in a fixed Range…


There is nothing good, when we could identify a MarkUp, because mostly of definitive exits are going to make PA dive. But in this “b shape”, MM3 rushed price to seek it lower from the middle august, leaving a cocktail of FVG4 with some LQ5.
26.6k could be claimed once again, and POC6 readjusted. We should lateralize for some more time (till close the LVN7, maybe) even if it could squeeze at any moment to seek what it missed above.


Regarding this range, bulls left some interest at the point where PA could lap again, time to take some LQ to push it up.


Sell signal H4 as of 01.09 triggered was rejected after a kind of Spring8. Sitting on the 200+509, MM could continue to push it up and THE BLUE CANDLE10 is highly likely to confirm the rejection or the acceptance of the continuation.
If it breaks, it should play the range (27.4k – 25.3k). Below 25369$, the Spike as of 29.08 could be considered as a LPSY11 ! Lower than 24636$, it could open the door toward 20k+

  1. price action ↩︎
  2. MarkUp channel ↩︎
  3. Marketmakers ↩︎
  4. Fair Value Gap ↩︎
  5. Liquidity ↩︎
  6. Point of control (volume profile method) ↩︎
  7. Low Volume Node (volume profile method) ↩︎
  8. Phase C – Wyckoff methodology ↩︎
  9. EMA > exponential moving average ↩︎
  10. BlackStrat Signal (Tools) ↩︎
  11. Last Point of SupplY – Wyckoff Distribution methodology (Phase D) ↩︎

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