#October 07th 2023

It is IMPOSSIBLE that the intelligence services (CIA, NSA, MOSSAD, SVR, MSS, ISI, RAW, MI6…) that have invested billions in monitoring “every click,” every “audio” message left on an encrypted messaging platform (Pegasus is an example!), COULD NOT have been aware that HAMAS was arming itself in preparation for an operation and suddenly became ineffective! So if all the services were aware of the “scam,” how did the opposing party anticipate managing this potential stumbling block? SET MOOD AND ESTABLISH THE SCENE BEFORE THE ARMS RACE BEGINS ! The internal security of a state depends on the quality of services provided by its protecting intelligence agencies The failure of Western services in prediction, but above all, the conviction that the Russians were 30 years behind, becomes glaringly evident. Otherwise a part of them knew it (CIA, MI6) and chose to misinform EVERYONE to sow chaos with the aim of boosting markets and generating demand. I always claimed this difference between USA and Russia in the fact that one are Poker players, and the others are chess players. In poker, it’s not just about knowing how to lie, but also about knowing how to raise the stakes or play probabilities to determine the strongest hand on the table. The lack of information about one’s potential can only be estimated through a provocation close to the borders; this is the opportunity the Americans seized in 2014 to overthrow the Ukrainian gvt. and repeat what they tried in 1936 by arming Poland (the former concept of the sanitary cordon).



Do not ignore that the USMCA (formerly NAFTA) still remains the largest consumer market ahead of the EEA. What is vulnerable or fragile for one state is an opportunity for another. The composition of teams is now known to all. The G7 against the BRICs, gradually marking the end of a G20, some countries seize an opportunity in investing in newly available areas (Africa is an example). As we observe a blatant loss of the former Western colonies, on which the latter built its wealth, it is entirely normal to see a conservative mechanism at play, detaching/tearing away the European zone at all costs to preserve the development of its own economic activity, much like a dog would defend its stake. From an objective standpoint, the Soviet Union and Europe share a similar economic framework : > A zone bringing together a group of states > Free movement of goods and individuals within it > The development of common projects using different parts of the zone > But above all, a common currency So, It took time to establish a common currency, therefore dedollarization won’t happen right away We have time ! And where some of them failed to stand out in creating alternatives to the dollar as they all got ousted (HUSSEIN, KADHAFI, CHAVEZ), the probability that the BRICS succeed in this global “decentralization” becomes more and more evident. This is one of the reasons that is increasingly appealing to countries wishing to join this organisation. There is a certain logic if one looks at the geographic perspective of the 6 new members who have joined the BRICS, that it is imperative to secure the area to supply the new markets (Middle East / Africa), and consequently gain full control of the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden (part of the BRI). Israel is merely an opportunity for the West to slow down the development of this project ! Therefore, to return to this “small” war of secret service cartels, MOSSAD (and indirectly the CIA) could not have been unaware that Hamas was arming itself progressively, but above all, qualitatively. One might even assume that it was evident to anticipate, following the abandonment of 50 billion dollars worth of military equipment in Afghanistan, just like the initiation of the Marshall Plan for Ukraine in the supply of heavier weaponry, a scenario concocted from scratch to set up a new theater of war! Something tells me that the cancelled cereal deal by the Russians has something to do with it…

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